FARA System
Simple solution for complicated  geological problems
The FARA is a complete independent system, from the beginning to the end created by a permanent team of developers. Over the long years of application
of the system, each of its unit has been repeatedly tested and optimized to increase reliability and productivity.

The complex has the following main advantages:

Obtaining additional parameters that helps to
confirm or improve the result
Identification of interference associated with the
effects of reflection and refraction of
electromagnetic wave
Application of algorithms for detecting a useful
signal against a background of high noise level

Registration of signal phase parameters

In addition to amplitude, the FARA system registers the phase
of the signal, which opens the following possibilities:
Registration of up to four frequencies simultaneously

The FARA system makes it possible to record signals at several operating frequencies simultaneously. The system uses two sets of frequencies, wich
values are given in the following table:
Low-frequency set
156.25 kHz
  312.5 kHz
  625 kHz
1250 kHz
High-frequency set
  312.5 kHz
   625 kHz
1250 kHz
2500 kHz
The registration of several frequencies gives the following advantages:
Increasing the reliability of the result due to the presence of several independent images for the same section
Ability to display the internal structure of the zones of increased conductivity
The image shows an example of the results of processing field data with the FARA system in the case of high-frequency set.
The results for high frequencies give information about the zone in the central part of the section, while the result for the lowest frequency of 312.5 kHz
helps to identify the most conductive part of this zone.

Measurement during movement
The specificity of the measurements of the radio imaging method
makes special demands on the FARA system for achieving
sufficient performance and, as a consequence, the economic
efficiency of the work.

One of the features of the system, which helps to keep the
profitability of the project, is the possibility of measuring during the
motion of the receiver along the borehole.

Together with the unique high-efficiency lifting-lowering system, this
feature helps to reduce the time of data collection for one cross-hole
section to 1-2 working days.
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